Having been in business for over a century, Fuller's Music has served band and orchestra students for a long time. In fact, we were one of the first dealers in North Carolina to offer rental plans.  We have tweaked these over the years and feel our current rental plan is the most affordable and flexible plan available. 

The biggest benefit of a rental program is that is gives you the option to return your instrument without obligation if your child elects to switch instruments or not to continue in the program.  For a small monthly fee, you can Rent with Option to Buy your choice of band or full-size orchestra instrument for as long as you need to determine your child's talent and interest level.  If your child decides not to continue on the instrument you have rented, you can just return it to us and your rental agreement will be cancelled.  On the other hand, if they do well and you decide that purchasing the instrument would make sense, you will be given credit for all of the rental payments you have made.  You could either continue making the small monthly rental payments until your agreement reaches full payment, or take advantage of our early pay-off incentive and receive a 25% discount off of your balance at the time of settlement.  A deposit of the first month's rental is required at the time of application to get these agreements started.  The instrument would typically be delivered to your child's school as per the instructions of your director.  Your agreement would begin on the date that your child receives the instrument.  Having pre-paid your first month's rental, you would be due your second month's rental payment 30 days following issue of the instrument.

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