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Welcome to our Online Rental Portal— The most quick, easy and convenient way to set up a rental or instrument purchase for your band or orchestra student. 


Online Rentals - This plan provides a quality New or Used Band or Orchestra Instrument for your child on a monthly basis.  You are under no obligation to buy and can return your instrument at any time without further obligation. The rental portion of all payments will be applied to ownership if you decide to purchase later, aside from any fractional Orchestra instrument which are Rent Only contracts. All Rent Only contracts build up rental credit to be applied to the purchase or rental of a full-size Orchestra instrument.  You can pay off your agreement at any time during the rental process and receive a 25% Early Payoff Discount. Add our Replacement and Maintenance coverage to any instrument for a small fee each month!

Reverse Rental - This program is for customers who would like to purchase their student's instrument at a 30% discount while maintaining a return option. You can return your instrument and receive a prorated refund of your purchase price minus the monthly rental fee for each month it was owned. The Replacement and Maintenance coverage is available for this option on an annual basis as well!

Immediate Settlement - This program offers customers the deepest purchase discount on their instrument at 35% to maximize potential savings. This program offers a 30-day return and can also be bundled with our annual Replacement and Maintenance coverage.

What is our Replacement and Maintenance coverage? - This extra coverage provides excellent and affordable protection for your instrument against loss or theft, as well as pay for any repairs that come with normal use of the instrument. This coverage is offered on Rent To Own and Rent Only Contracts as a small monthly fee, or on Reverse Rental and Immediate Settlement programs as a one-time annual payment