Welcome to our Online Rental Portal--we're excited to be able to offer this additional way for parents in our market area to be able to set up rental agreements with us.  It's quick, easy and convenient to set up a rental for your band or orchestra student.  

Please Note: If you are a customer that may be interested in not having to deal with monthly payments and prefer paying up front and receiving a discount, you can call our store (252) 638-2811 and speak to a salesperson about our Reverse Rental and Immediate Settlement discount programs. Otherwise continue with our Monthly Rental Plan below.

Our Rental Agreement with Option to Purchase Plan allows you to provide an excellent quality, NEW or USED (click HERE for more information on new & used instrument options) band or full-size orchestra instrument for your child on a monthly trial basis for as long as you need to determine whether purchasing the instrument is the right thing to do.  If your child decides not to continue, you can return your instrument to us and cancel your rental obligation.  On the other hand, if your child does well, you can opt to purchase your instrument with full application of all rental monies paid. Click HERE for more information on our Rent to Own Plan.

We also offer an optional Replacement and Maintenance (R&M) coverage that can be added to any of our Band or Orchestra instrument agreements that covers theft and most repairs.  Click HERE for more information on our R&M plan. 


Unlike band instruments, orchestra instruments come in different sizes depending on the height and arm length of the player.  It is critical to know the correct size instrument for your student.  We prefer that your instructor size your student.  If this is not possible, you can bring your child to our store for sizing, or click HERE for information that may help you determine the correct size instrument for your student.

If your student sizes out for a FULL-SIZE orchestra instrument, our Rental Agreement with Option to Purchase Plan mentioned above would apply.  On the other hand, if your student requires a FRACTIONAL-SIZE orchestra instrument (which they will later outgrow), we use a slightly different plan that we refer to as a monthly Rent to Rent Agreement. Click HERE for more information about renting a fractional-size orchestra instrument.  Under this plan, you just rent the fractional size instrument (without an option to buy as you would want to wait until they were using a full-size instrument to purchase).  You would  accumulate partial credit that may be used later towards a full-sized instrument when your child grows to that point.