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If you have an orchestra student who has been sized for a fractional size instrument, we use a monthly Rent-to-Rent Plan.  Under this agreement, you just rent the proper size orchestra instrument on a month-to-month basis but you do not have the option to purchase the fractional size instrument you are renting as your child will be outgrowing that instrument.  

You can opt to return the rental instrument if necessary and cancel your agreement at anytime.   You may also exchange for the next size needed as your child grows at no charge.  You will be given credit of up to 1/2 of each rental payment made on the fractional size instrument that may be applied towards a full size instrument when you reach that point.  

At that time you may elect to rent to own a full size instrument with application of your rental credits from the fractional instrument applied toward ownership, or you may use your rental credit towards a discounted straight purchase of a full size instrument.

As you proceed through our On-Line Rental Application, you may elect to add our very popular R&M (Replacement and Maintenance) coverage to your agreement.  Also you can have the specific method book and any accessory items that your school recommends added to your child's instrument delivery.

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