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Jeffery Ogonowski graduated with a BA in music at Wisconsin Lutheran College, specializing in music theory and composition. His main instruments are trombone and piano.  Jeff has written and arranged music for multiple weddings and celebrations, performing his first small ensemble symphony in 2006. Jeff began teaching Composition as a theory tutor for fellow music students in 2003 and in 2004 took on his first brass students as a music instructor. After moving to New Bern in 2006, Jeff added piano instruction to his course offerings and has since focused on developing his piano studio, "Appoggiatura Studies".

Jeff joined the teaching staff at Fuller's Music in 2008 and has since become their full-time School Music Educational Road Rep.

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Jeffrey Ogonowski offers instruction for Piano, Brass Instruments and Music Theory; when he is not calling on Band & Orchestra Directors in our area schools.