Musical journeys often take you places you never imagined. For James “Wick” Wickline, that journey spanned the globe and went from guitar to bass and back again. Wick picked up the guitar at the age of 14. His passion for music and enthusiasm to learn helped him progress quickly. Fate made a huge change in his life when the band he played in after high school suddenly needed a bass player. He switched from lead guitar to bass and found his true calling.

As a bass player, Wick has played in a variety of bands including hard rock bands like Far From Nowhere, An Issue Alive, and Not Without Honor as well as Eastern NC beach music and variety cover band favorite The Johnny Dollar Band and funky rock groups like Backseat Romeo and The Shake Doctors. His extensive experience in the recording studio has helped to hone his ear for production and detail. For over three years Wick has headed a well known Open Mic Night in New Bern.  This has allowed him to sit in on bass and drums with a variety of artists and to showcase his guitar playing and singing skills.

Wick’s musical journey has proven to be a diverse one that is still evolving. His longtime drummer sums it up saying “His wide understanding of music genres and how they relate to one another is one of his greatest strengths as a musician.”

Wick enjoys teaching because it allows him to be able to share his passion for music and performance that started for him as a teenager and still fuels him to this day.

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            James Wickline teaches Electric Bass as well as Electric and Acoustic Guitar when he's not working as a full-time salesman at Fuller's Music.  Wick can be contacted at 670-5563