Acoustic Piano Services

We refer all piano tunings and service work on acoustic pianos--spinets, consoles, studios, uprights and grands--to Donald Bunch, a local piano technician. Piano tunings and most piano service work that may be needed is done on site (ie--in your home, church or school).  Pianos that need extensive rebuilding including refinishing may be serviced at his piano restoration and repair shop at his home near Vanceboro.

Donald Bunch is one of eastern North Carolina's finest and most experienced piano tuners and technicians.  He is a second-generation piano technician as his father was the piano technician for East Carolina University's School of Music for many years.  Donald apprenticed in his father's shop as a teenager before beginning his own career.

We use Donald for all of our store and studio piano work and highly recommend him should you need piano service.

You may contact him at:

(252) 244-3962  HOME    Please leave a message

(252) 571-4174  CELL

For piano moving we recommend using Jay Fodrie for any inquiries or moving needs.
He can be contacted at (252)266-6577.