Electronic Repairs

We currently out-source electronic and keyboard repairs to area repair shops as well as manufacturer service centers.  After inspection of your repair, we will recommend the best place for your product to be sent for repair and will facilitate getting your product to and from the repair shop.  Items being referred to the electronics repair shop in our area will need to pre-pay an $80 non-refundable diagnosis fee before the product can be sent out for repair.  This covers an hour's bench time to open up your product, trace out the source of the problem and then to reassemble the item when the repair is completed.  

Often, simple repairs can be handled and completed with no additional charge beyond the initial up-front diagnosis fee.
  Repairs that require parts and additional labor beyond the initial hour will be billed accordingly.  Estimates can be provided if needed.  Once completed, the repair will be tested then returned to our store and you will be notified.


AMPLIFIERS: Guitar Amps, Bass Amps and Keyboard Amps

SOUND SYSTEM COMPONENTS: Powered and Unpowered Mixers, Signal Processors and Power Amps

GUITAR AND STAGE PROCESSORS: Effects Pedals and Processors

KEYBOARDS: Digital Pianos, Synthesizers and Work Stations and Portable Keyboards

WIRELESS MICS: The consumer sends these items and related components to the specific manufacturer’s service centers.  If you cannot locate the address for your manufacturer, we will be glad to provide that for you.  They typically will provide you with an estimate prior to making the repair.

WARRANTY REPAIRS: We are authorized by many manufacturers to facilitate warranty repairs for their products.  Please contact us if you have questions about a possible warranty repair.  You will need to provide a copy of your invoice to validate most warranty repairs.  We can reprint that for you if you cannot locate it and you purchased the item from us.

We are very happy with the quality of repair service we receive from the shops that we send products to for electronic repair.  They are staffed with experienced, trained electronics technicians that stand behind their work.  We welcome your call or visit should you have any questions concerning a possible item to be repaired.