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 The week of June 3rd will be our last School Delivery Week this school year  for Online orders and Student repair pick ups


  Welcome to our Online Rental Portal—We’re excited to be able to offer this additional way for parents in our market area to be able to set up rental agreements with us.  It is quick, easy and convenient to set up a rental for your band and orchestra student.  Before proceeding, we encourage you to take a minute to read this introductory page and then view our Online Rental Tutorial that will guide you through the signup process.

Clicking the “Click Here To Begin the Rental Process!” link below takes you to our most popular rental option known as our Rent To Own Plan.  This plan allows you to provide an excellent quality New or Used Band or Full-Size Orchestra Instrument for your child on a monthly trial basis.  You are under no obligation to buy and can return your instrument at any time without further obligation.  The rental portion of all payments will be applied to ownership if you decide to purchase later.  Continue making the small monthly rental payments and ownership passes to you at the end of the rental term.  You may also opt to buy and pay off your agreement at any time during the rental process and receive a 25% Early Payoff Discount off the balance at the time of settlement!  If your child decides not to continue, you simply return your rental to us and cancel your agreement at any time.

If your Orchestra student is not quite ready for a Full-Size instrument, then our Standard Monthly Rental Agreement is for you!  Unlike band instruments, orchestra instruments come in different sizes depending on the student’s height and arm length.  Therefore, it does not make sense to invest in ownership at this point as they will outgrow the fractional instrument as they move up to a Full-Size instrument.  Under this plan, you will receive credits for half of all rental payments which can be applied to either renting or purchasing a Full-Size instrument when it is time.  We will exchange for larger size instruments at no charge as your child grows.

It is preferred that your Director size your student for their first orchestra instrument.  If this is not possible, visit our store or go to our Orchestra Instrument Sizing Page that may help you determine the correct size for your child.  Determining the right size is the key piece of information before you begin the rental process.

Our popular optional Replacement and Maintenance (R&M) coverage is available for all of our student instruments.  This coverage protects your instrument from loss or theft and covers most repairs.  Our rates are extremely competitive and can be added to your monthly rental payment.  We highly recommend this coverage.

If you would be interested in not having a monthly payment and prefer paying up front and receiving a significant discount, click here to check out our Reverse Rental and Immediate Settlement Options. To get information relative to your situation, call 252.638.2811 or email us at [email protected] and let us know the instrument desired and the school that you will attend.

After securing an agreement for an instrument, it will be tagged with your student’s name and school and we will deliver it to your Director as per their instructions.

Thank you for seeking information about getting your child started in the great musical experience that awaits them! Remember, we visit our area schools on a weekly basis and are here to partner with you to make the most of this opportunity for your student to participate in Band or Orchestra class! For over a century, we have been your one source for all things School Music!