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Band Fund. Scale Book., Bassoon

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Here's real help for your students to learn their scales and rudiments.

The Band Fundamentals Scale Book contains more helpful information than students have ever had in one clear and concise setting to learn their major scales, chromatic scales, and rudiments. It is designed to work for full band or any combination of instruments.

The Scale Book has progressive teaching exercises with accidentals on all key affected notes with important fingerings and sticking included.

It works great because:

students are reading music as they learn their scales - this is a big help in reading development all key signature affected notes have accidentals fingerings are attached to each exercise correct woodwind alternates are emphasized percussion book has both snare rudiments and mallet scales the exercises are short and help memorization designed to work great for full band or any combination A few minutes of each class dedicated to teaching and reviewing scales offers great rewards.

Chromatic scales are judiciously approached in five note groups ascending and descending and gradually expand to full range.

The percussion book covers scales and the N.A.R.D. 26 Standard Rudiments with thorough sticking marks. The rudiments are placed so that they fit neatly with the scale practice. You have the choice of putting your percussionist on scales, rudiments, or both.

You set the pace as fast or slow as needed for each class. These short exercises provide repetition and help maintain motivation.

Table of Contents:

Publisher: Hedrick
Voicing: Bassoon
Level: 6
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