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Band Fund. Sight Reading, Flute/ Mallets

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The Band Fundamentals Sight-Reading Book is designed to address sight-reading and technical skills necessary for reading grade 3 and beyond band literature. These teaching exercises provide material that will help your students have the reading skills to be successful with advancing band literature.

There are expanding range and scale exercises in concert C, F, B flat, E flat, A flat, D flat and G that include a wealth of fingering help. Almost every page has a chromatic exercise to build chromatic reading ability.

The Snare Drum book includes the N.A.R.D. 26 standard rudiments, idiomatic band parts for snare, and rhythms necessary for playing percussion traps.

The teaching exercises are short and give you the opportunity to teach conceptually. Have the students count these specific rhythm exercises and work through these range and key builders. This is practical teaching material developed for today’s students

Table of Contents:

Publisher: Hedrick
Voicing: Flute/Mall
Level: 7
Pages: 0

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